Sunday, 11 March 2018

Teachings by lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna has tought many noble things and has given knowledge on topics beyond a human can know . I would like to share few of the lord's teaching . Jai Shree Krishna ..
1) what is a human's greatest weakness?
Love ? Fear ? Ego ?
A human's greatest weakness is his secrets . No matter how strong a person is, no matter what position the person stands on. At the end his secrets would lead to his own distruction. If the person wants to be strong and hold the position then his secrets must not be disclosed to anyone , not even his friends . Because no one can tell when a friend would turn to an enemy . So make sure your secrets are limited to yourself.

2) A human does so many things to be successful, he works hard . Gives his full efforts , but when he does not succeed then he starts to copy others , just the way few copy at an examination. But in the tests of life ,copying will not give success . Why? Because in examination all the questions to all the students are same . But in test if life , different person deal with different situations and they have to find their own answers .

3) Humans life keeps swinging between win or lose , gain or loss . When a person gains , he feels proud and happy but when he loses , he feels broke and sad . In reality , what is loss and gain ? It is nothing but the status of mind by thoughts . You do not lose when the other person wins , you lose when you give up and stop trying .

4) Every one has been saying , you have to support your people . They've been saying truth , but before supporting them you need to know who are your people . Are they you family ? Friends ? Who every help you to go on right path , to do what you wanted to do are your people . If your own family is supporting you to do bad things , they being your family also are not your people . Do not support them .

5) Nature has given 5 senses . Ears ,nose ,eyes ,skin and mouth. You are give 2 ears , 2 nostrils , 2 eyes , body full of skin but only one mouth . Ever wonder why ? It's because matuna wants you to see , listen , gain more knowledge and talk less . Talking too much invites your own distruction . So talk less .

6) You always want to be close to the ones you love . But at some point of life you will get separated , and this is for your own good . Separation leads to progress . For eg, once you stay away from your parents , you get to take decisions life . But if parents do it for your entire life ,then it's impossible for you to learn and take good decisions .

7) You all must have seen a banyan tree , but have you seen the seed of a banyan tree? But when it grows , it grows to become a huge tree. It is considered among the huge trees in world . When it grows, it does not grow with the areal roots hanging on the branches, but as it grows its areal come and the tree grows more stronger. As it starts gaining weight and start getting heavier the areal roots touch the ground and act as pillars and support the tree and makes it stronger.
Just like this , help other without expectation and with love towards them . Slowly when you are at trouble then these people will come to your support.

8) Krishna tells about two stories. One , where a man has to go to see the king to offer his products , while going to the king a black cat crosses his way . The man thinks that this is not a good time and has to wait for a better time to come and goes back to home. Later he misses his transport to the king's palace , the king gets angry as he waited for so long and decided to close down his business . The man gets angry and goes to home and starts shouting at wife and children .
In second story, a man faces the same situation . He has to go to the king to offer his products of the business . A black cat crosses his way . But at that time the man thinks that going to the palace is more important . Though he was a bit scared he goes to the palace. King appreciates his punctuality and offers him more money to expand his business.
You have to always decide and think about what is important at that moment and get it done.

9) Some times when we work we tend to get tired and want to take rest. Sometimes you wish that in a day it would be great if there were 36 hours instead of 24 hours. We feel that we are doing lots and lots of work. But have you thought about this? People who are successful in world also have same 24 hours in their day . But why is it you are not successful ? It is because they love what they do. And when a person does what he loves then he can be much more productive and does not realize time passing by and does not feel tired too as he is doing what he love, infact he is happy doing his work. That is why, to be successful one should do what one loves .

10) Our life is just like a sand time glass , the sand at the bottom is our past and the sand at top is our future . There is a tiny space in between the top and the bottom. That is one moment and you have to decide how you live that moment . You want to waste your time to cry for the past or have to get angry to wait for the happiness in the future to come or to be happy or to be sad , this is the only moment . If you keep waiting ,then even this moment will be past. So do not wait for happiness , what ever happiness you can get , get it at this moment . Because you can flip the glass time and reset it , but you can never reset your past .

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