Thursday, 8 March 2018

Alexa laugher is an error or intension ? Will robots take over world in future ?Know yourself .

It's believed that in future AI will become selfaware and would take over the world which would eventually lead to extinction of humans who had created that . That's sounds horrifying and if it's real you might find yourself in a movie situation just like in terminator series or so .
But for now there is no such things going on thankfully . But, AI bits named Alexa, is an Amazon product has scared some people just by its creepy laugh . 

Imagine yourself at home around night with no one at home , you are about to go to bed and suddenly you hear some one laugh , what would your reaction be ??? 
This has actually happened to Alexa users . 

So, this is going to sound insane, and I do mean literally insane, but the gods as my really happened. I was just asking #Alexa about my day tomorrow and checking for news and weather updates when she literally stopped doing what I asked her.

The about post was made on Twitter and similarly there are few more posts like

She started doing random shit. No joke. But then I asked her to play my @BettyBuckley mix she scared the crap out of me by telling me the definition of the word please! I swear to God! THEN, And, not making this up, I said "Alexa you're freaking me out" & she fucking laughed!

You will manage to get tons of posts regarding this device freaking out people unexpectedly just like above 2 posts .

Amazon has given statement that it is aware of the happenings and will take care of it .

Here is a clip of strange laughter and strange answer about humans by Alexa .

There is a video on youYouT that shows that Amazon might be linked to the CIA and is helping them to keep a watch over people . If this is the case then the word privacy and secrecy would be lost in mere future. Do check the YouTube video where a man asks questions to Alexa an AI bot , and it act strangely and very odd .

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