Wednesday, 7 March 2018

How to have peace of mind in any situation.

Facing with stress , anxiety or depression? Don't worry ,it's is part of life jus like other feelings like happiness, sadness , joy etc. But some times peace of mind can be hard to find some times as we get stuck into some serious situations in life . There are times when you are scared and for no reason, some times you may feel sad and depressed and due to this you wouldn't want to do anything in life , this makes you feel that you are of no good . Don't worry because this will soon come to pass . These feeling may come to you due to many reasons like harmonic change , change in life style , change in thinking patterns and many other reason , but we are here for solutions and that's what got you here. That means you are not drowned completely yet. Some time people go into state where they lose their mental health and at that point of time it takes lot of hard work to come to normal state of mind and takes lots and lots of time . I've listed some of the ways where you can come back to your own self and in short span of time . Let's get started ...

1) Mind occupied : Many people fail to notice that if mind is not kept occupied then strange and negative thoughts keep accumulating which in time makes you feel fear or some negative emotions which eventually turn you into person who you are not . So, simply keep your mind occupied in what you like to do . If you like music then take up music classes and start learning . If you are interested in painting then join painting classes . This makes your mind to be indulged in what you like and it stops negative thinking and indirectly forces mind to focus and increase productivity in what you do . It doesn't matter much if you are not progressing all of a sudden , it'll take time . And in this process you'll be doing two things , i.e, deal with negative emotions and learn what you always wanted to . Remember , never keep you mind idol . 

2) Remake your past : sometimes people give up on their dreams or interests just because they have failed . And due to which they feel bad and don't do any other work . You must remember that failure is a stepping stone to success. If you are in this situation then my strong advice to you is that you go back and do what you had left long ago . Once you achieve success in that work , all you will be left is with happiness and joy . Don't worry about failure , it's just a parts of success .

3) Meditation : you can reflect you self on a still water , but water that's disturbed will not give a clear picture about yourself . Just like that , you need to be like still water , clear your mind and focus on your body at the moment and you'll start to be relaxed and calm . This is one of the most effective way and proven way of dealing with any emotions in life .
If you need any advice on this method then feel free to comment on the comment section and I'll provide you with the details required .

4) Surrender to nature : nature is a natural healer . If you are nature lover then the nature will surely help you out . Go to a lake , river , mountain or beach or any other nature place which is calm and where you love to be . Stay there alone for some time and relax , you will not realise the time passing  . It'll make you feel much better and this will sure give you a way out of your problem and help you deal with you emotions as well.

5) Talk your feeling : Talking to someone whom you trust will surely make you feel comfortable . You tell him exactly what you are feeling inside and what's bothering you. Remember that you are not trying to get a solution but you are trying to reduce the weight by sharing it with some one whom you trust . Sometime the person can give you exact solution and sometimes he might have just told to make you feel better , in any case you will be glad that you had him at that part of hard times in your life .

I've mentioned only few of the ways that can help you get out of stress or anxiety or depression. If these have not worked out or if you have any doubts regarding the matter or issue then feel free to contact me or comment in the comment section . I'll surely reach out to you . Have a happy and prosperous life .....!!!!!

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