Wednesday, 7 March 2018

How to be successful in anything ...!!!!!!

In this world there are billions of people ,but among them only 5% of people are successful ,the are struggling to be successful. Ever wondered why it is this way ? The 5% of people who are successful do what they love the most , because of which they don't have to worry about anything else . They follow one saying , love what you do and do what you love. You need to know what you love the most and be on that track and have to work hard to achieve what other have failed to achieve.

 It would be so good if there was a train for destination "success" ,by this means every one could had been successful, unfortunately it does not exist yet in this world. In Today's world the rate of success of a particular individual is sloping downwards . There may be a particular reason or many reasons for it .but here are few ways or tips you can be successful in what you do. These are from read books, personal experiences and have be said by successful people and not made up . Let get started ...

1) Determination : this is the first factor or requisite for being successful in life. You have to be successful in you work, this affirmation should be there in you mind always. No matter what you do, you must not be distracted at all. You must be calm and determined towards your goal . You should not sail away from your work if you are being condemned or appreciated or even if you are being harrassed . You have to stand your ground for you ideaology . Because at the end only you know what you are doing . You can not let others distract you or let other person set you of track ,if you let them do so then you have let yourself be unsuccessful.

2) Map : if you want to go to a place which you don't know the path for, what would you do ? It's obvious that you would take out a map which has been charted by people who have been there and start you journey towards it. In similar way , you do not know you way to success, but you know who have already been there . All you have to do is take a map i.e, talk to the expert and as them their way to the top. Talk to them about ups and downs , read their books which they have written . You will understand how much pain they had to go through to be the first to go to the top and provide that map or way to success for others to reach there.
             If you want to climb a mountain it is advisable to follow the path which is already been found . If you want to find a new path then the chances are you might get lost or you might die too. Remember, you aim is to be at top , no matter which path it is .
             If you are willing to take up the risk of being the first one then you have to make a rough map or sketch of your own , through your imagination. This will always make you think that you are on the right path .

3) Forgivin : You must be wondering how forgiveness is related to success. Trust me this plays a huge role in being successful. If someone has hurt you don't be angry on that person and don't seek revenge, instead forgive him . Because when you try to seek revenge then you get of the track of success and you may be mentally disturbed . Once you are angry you will naturally not be able to take best decisions. This will consume lots of time for you to come back on your track . Even if you do come back it'll be hard to catch up on what you had been doing . You'll have to start over and this will be a waste of previous work and also waste of such hard work . So , instead of that just walk it of and get back to doing what you love . Eventually the person who had hurt you will come to you to seek help by looking at your position in future . Don't say no , be humble , help him . He'll understand what wrong he had done in past . Just forgive and forget at the moment . You have nothing to lose .

4) Decision making : making decisions is sometimes very hard but if you don't take any decisions at right time then it's more dangerous . So, you need to take decisions and make them right instead of wasting time on taking right decisions . You need to make a quick research and list down all the alternatives and then select the best which is suitable for your success.

5) Persistent : There is no other word to replace the word Persistent . You need to be focused on what you do and should not rest untill it's achieved. This process might take lots of time but once you achieve it you will be satisfied. You need to keep moving up in your work and have to make sure you do not drop the work at all.  You'll have to be persuing higher rank and should not just be consistent. If you need to be successful then you need to grow up in life in which ever field you are in.

6) motivation : This is one of the most important factor that influences success. You need motivation to do anything in life . Motivation is the reason behind why you have to be successful, you find that reason , you find that purpose in your life or in what you are working on . Then you naturally start working on the with twice the energy , double the time and this will surely contribute for your success. Every one who were successful has a reason for their success. You can be self motivated or have some one motivate you in your work .

7) self-confidence : self confidence is the belief that no matter what comes , you will do it. To believe in oneself is most powerful gift of man. Ones you are self confident the rest will automatically come to you . When you are self confident you will make sure that no matter how hard the work is , you will get it done for sure . Being confident is good but being over confident is bad for you way up. It'll make you think that you can do it but in reality you fail to do so .

Success is an ocean filled with drops of failure. If you fail don't feel bad , think that you have found one way which will not take you to success. You must make sure you will not climb that ladder again . Now you need to start again without wasting any more time . Being successful and staying on that position takes lots of effort and hard work . It does not come to you over night . You must always be ready for failure , but must aim for success. I hope you enjoyed reading my article . Thank you and all the very best for your success....

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