Friday, 9 March 2018

Bangalore next cape town city for water crises ?

Cape town has been facing water crises and has reached a critical level . Bangalore may become the second city with highest water crises after cape town.
Cape town current allows a person to utilise only 50 liters water per day for all purposes and has provided a usage guide for people .

Using muncipality water for washing vehicle ,boats etc is illigal .
No use of portable pools .
Filling of private pools with muncipality water is illigal . 
Water for agricultural will be given twice a week and only for an hour on those days .
And there are various other law to save water as the crises has been in creasing .

If the current ways of using water in Bangalore city continues then bangalore would be next city to face these kinds of rules and all will have to be forced to share and save water . The climate of Bangalore can not be blamed for the situations created by us . We all have to understand the importance of saving water for the future use. If the current situation continues then Bangalore is not far from being next city with huge water crises and it may happen this year itself .

Most affected area in Bangalore for water crises right now are Koramangala, Sanjay Nagar , Malleswaram , Kundalahalli, Yeshwantpur, Uttarahalli, Vijayanagar, Rajajinagar, ejipura , Vivek Nagar etc. 

If people refuse to be aware of the water crises and do not lend help in saving water then all the people will have to share the problem in future , even people who are not responsible for it. There are several reason for the crisis, but only very fewer reasons for the solutions. Educate people in saving water , disencorage wastage of water .

Do raise and contribute for saving water .
Save water ,save nation . 
Strive for a thirst less tomorrow.
Everyone in world has to be aware and keep a look out for their people and nation to keep them away from a thirsty tomorrow.

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