Monday, 12 March 2018

49 people dead on a plane crash in nepal


One of the worst events happened in nepal, a plane carrying 71 people from bangladesh swerved erratically and flew dangerously low before crashing and erupting in flames as it landed monday in katmandu, nepal's capital, causing death of 50 people , officials and witnesses said.

Officials said there were 71 people on board the US-Bangla Airlines turboprop plane from Dhaka when it crashed just east of the runway and skidded into a nearby football field.

"Forty people died at the spot and nine died at two hospitals in Kathmandu," police spokesman Manoj Neupane told AFP, adding another 22 were being treated in hospital, some in a critical condition.

"The plane was going up down, right and left, up down... so I thought that was some air traffic only. But I came to know that the aircraft had a problem only when it forcibly landed," the 33-year-old said from a hospital bed.

The cause of the crash was not immediately clear, but a statement from airport authorities said the plane was "out of control" as it came in to land.

Meanwhile, the CEO of US-Bangla Airlines Imran Asif laid blame on Kathmandu's air traffic control, saying the controller "fumbled" the landing.

"Our pilot is an instructor of this Bombardier aircraft. His flight hours are over 5,000 hours. There was a fumble from the control tower," Asif told reporters outside the airline's offices in Dhaka.

Another bewildered-looking survivor, 27-year-old Basanta Bohara, told AFP at a hospital that he couldn't remember how he escaped from the burning wreckage.

"I remember the accident. Nothing else. I don't know how I got out," Bohara said.

Airline spokesman Kamrul Islam said 33 of the passengers were Nepali, 32 were Bangladeshi, one each from China and the Maldives. Local media reported that many of the Nepali passengers were college students returning home for a holiday.

May the souls of the dead rest in peace and may their families find strength in their loss .....

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Teachings by lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna has tought many noble things and has given knowledge on topics beyond a human can know . I would like to share few of the lord's teaching . Jai Shree Krishna ..
1) what is a human's greatest weakness?
Love ? Fear ? Ego ?
A human's greatest weakness is his secrets . No matter how strong a person is, no matter what position the person stands on. At the end his secrets would lead to his own distruction. If the person wants to be strong and hold the position then his secrets must not be disclosed to anyone , not even his friends . Because no one can tell when a friend would turn to an enemy . So make sure your secrets are limited to yourself.

2) A human does so many things to be successful, he works hard . Gives his full efforts , but when he does not succeed then he starts to copy others , just the way few copy at an examination. But in the tests of life ,copying will not give success . Why? Because in examination all the questions to all the students are same . But in test if life , different person deal with different situations and they have to find their own answers .

3) Humans life keeps swinging between win or lose , gain or loss . When a person gains , he feels proud and happy but when he loses , he feels broke and sad . In reality , what is loss and gain ? It is nothing but the status of mind by thoughts . You do not lose when the other person wins , you lose when you give up and stop trying .

4) Every one has been saying , you have to support your people . They've been saying truth , but before supporting them you need to know who are your people . Are they you family ? Friends ? Who every help you to go on right path , to do what you wanted to do are your people . If your own family is supporting you to do bad things , they being your family also are not your people . Do not support them .

5) Nature has given 5 senses . Ears ,nose ,eyes ,skin and mouth. You are give 2 ears , 2 nostrils , 2 eyes , body full of skin but only one mouth . Ever wonder why ? It's because matuna wants you to see , listen , gain more knowledge and talk less . Talking too much invites your own distruction . So talk less .

6) You always want to be close to the ones you love . But at some point of life you will get separated , and this is for your own good . Separation leads to progress . For eg, once you stay away from your parents , you get to take decisions life . But if parents do it for your entire life ,then it's impossible for you to learn and take good decisions .

7) You all must have seen a banyan tree , but have you seen the seed of a banyan tree? But when it grows , it grows to become a huge tree. It is considered among the huge trees in world . When it grows, it does not grow with the areal roots hanging on the branches, but as it grows its areal come and the tree grows more stronger. As it starts gaining weight and start getting heavier the areal roots touch the ground and act as pillars and support the tree and makes it stronger.
Just like this , help other without expectation and with love towards them . Slowly when you are at trouble then these people will come to your support.

8) Krishna tells about two stories. One , where a man has to go to see the king to offer his products , while going to the king a black cat crosses his way . The man thinks that this is not a good time and has to wait for a better time to come and goes back to home. Later he misses his transport to the king's palace , the king gets angry as he waited for so long and decided to close down his business . The man gets angry and goes to home and starts shouting at wife and children .
In second story, a man faces the same situation . He has to go to the king to offer his products of the business . A black cat crosses his way . But at that time the man thinks that going to the palace is more important . Though he was a bit scared he goes to the palace. King appreciates his punctuality and offers him more money to expand his business.
You have to always decide and think about what is important at that moment and get it done.

9) Some times when we work we tend to get tired and want to take rest. Sometimes you wish that in a day it would be great if there were 36 hours instead of 24 hours. We feel that we are doing lots and lots of work. But have you thought about this? People who are successful in world also have same 24 hours in their day . But why is it you are not successful ? It is because they love what they do. And when a person does what he loves then he can be much more productive and does not realize time passing by and does not feel tired too as he is doing what he love, infact he is happy doing his work. That is why, to be successful one should do what one loves .

10) Our life is just like a sand time glass , the sand at the bottom is our past and the sand at top is our future . There is a tiny space in between the top and the bottom. That is one moment and you have to decide how you live that moment . You want to waste your time to cry for the past or have to get angry to wait for the happiness in the future to come or to be happy or to be sad , this is the only moment . If you keep waiting ,then even this moment will be past. So do not wait for happiness , what ever happiness you can get , get it at this moment . Because you can flip the glass time and reset it , but you can never reset your past .

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Annapurneshwari temple, horanadu and sharada temple ,Sringeri Chikmagalur, India .

Amongst the midst of mountains and hills lie a templ of ancient times . In the temple resides goddess Annapurneshwari, who is the goddess of food and nourishment. The goddess is covered in gold and looks very beautiful. The devotees offer flowers ,fruits and rice too , to the goddess.
People who seek for a spiritual trip can look forward to come to this beautiful place . 
The speciality of this place is the Maha Aarati ( an important ritual ) is performed after all the devotees have been served dinner (prasada) ,which is rare and ospecious in south India.

Also people who want to stay there can book a room . I personally recommend "Bhadra Nivas" as it is well maintained and you get variety of room . If you get room with a view toward mountains then do wake up early and relax , you can hear nothing but nature . Birds chirping, wind blowing , peacock dancing and few rabbits too. The morning view is very beautiful here .

The drive to this location goes through many beautiful places , you get small falls on road sides during rainy and winter season , this is a good holiday spot for a day out with family .

After a good day if you still have time left then you can go visit the temples in sringari in Chikmagalur. It is 2 hours drive from horanadu and is equally beautiful and ospecious.

The sharada devi(goddess) is also very beautiful and temple is very crowded . You get to see many different stone carvings and has very high positive energy . The great River Tunga flows by this holy place . You can visit Shiva temple which is a very ancient temple . It is very calm and cold inside the temple no matter what the temperature it is outside.

Apart from this , you can feed huge and gaint fish . They like to eat biscuit more then other items .

Friday, 9 March 2018

Bangalore next cape town city for water crises ?

Cape town has been facing water crises and has reached a critical level . Bangalore may become the second city with highest water crises after cape town.
Cape town current allows a person to utilise only 50 liters water per day for all purposes and has provided a usage guide for people .

Using muncipality water for washing vehicle ,boats etc is illigal .
No use of portable pools .
Filling of private pools with muncipality water is illigal . 
Water for agricultural will be given twice a week and only for an hour on those days .
And there are various other law to save water as the crises has been in creasing .

If the current ways of using water in Bangalore city continues then bangalore would be next city to face these kinds of rules and all will have to be forced to share and save water . The climate of Bangalore can not be blamed for the situations created by us . We all have to understand the importance of saving water for the future use. If the current situation continues then Bangalore is not far from being next city with huge water crises and it may happen this year itself .

Most affected area in Bangalore for water crises right now are Koramangala, Sanjay Nagar , Malleswaram , Kundalahalli, Yeshwantpur, Uttarahalli, Vijayanagar, Rajajinagar, ejipura , Vivek Nagar etc. 

If people refuse to be aware of the water crises and do not lend help in saving water then all the people will have to share the problem in future , even people who are not responsible for it. There are several reason for the crisis, but only very fewer reasons for the solutions. Educate people in saving water , disencorage wastage of water .

Do raise and contribute for saving water .
Save water ,save nation . 
Strive for a thirst less tomorrow.
Everyone in world has to be aware and keep a look out for their people and nation to keep them away from a thirsty tomorrow.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Alexa laugher is an error or intension ? Will robots take over world in future ?Know yourself .

It's believed that in future AI will become selfaware and would take over the world which would eventually lead to extinction of humans who had created that . That's sounds horrifying and if it's real you might find yourself in a movie situation just like in terminator series or so .
But for now there is no such things going on thankfully . But, AI bits named Alexa, is an Amazon product has scared some people just by its creepy laugh . 

Imagine yourself at home around night with no one at home , you are about to go to bed and suddenly you hear some one laugh , what would your reaction be ??? 
This has actually happened to Alexa users . 

So, this is going to sound insane, and I do mean literally insane, but the gods as my really happened. I was just asking #Alexa about my day tomorrow and checking for news and weather updates when she literally stopped doing what I asked her.

The about post was made on Twitter and similarly there are few more posts like

She started doing random shit. No joke. But then I asked her to play my @BettyBuckley mix she scared the crap out of me by telling me the definition of the word please! I swear to God! THEN, And, not making this up, I said "Alexa you're freaking me out" & she fucking laughed!

You will manage to get tons of posts regarding this device freaking out people unexpectedly just like above 2 posts .

Amazon has given statement that it is aware of the happenings and will take care of it .

Here is a clip of strange laughter and strange answer about humans by Alexa .

There is a video on youYouT that shows that Amazon might be linked to the CIA and is helping them to keep a watch over people . If this is the case then the word privacy and secrecy would be lost in mere future. Do check the YouTube video where a man asks questions to Alexa an AI bot , and it act strangely and very odd .

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

How to be successful in anything ...!!!!!!

In this world there are billions of people ,but among them only 5% of people are successful ,the are struggling to be successful. Ever wondered why it is this way ? The 5% of people who are successful do what they love the most , because of which they don't have to worry about anything else . They follow one saying , love what you do and do what you love. You need to know what you love the most and be on that track and have to work hard to achieve what other have failed to achieve.

 It would be so good if there was a train for destination "success" ,by this means every one could had been successful, unfortunately it does not exist yet in this world. In Today's world the rate of success of a particular individual is sloping downwards . There may be a particular reason or many reasons for it .but here are few ways or tips you can be successful in what you do. These are from read books, personal experiences and have be said by successful people and not made up . Let get started ...

1) Determination : this is the first factor or requisite for being successful in life. You have to be successful in you work, this affirmation should be there in you mind always. No matter what you do, you must not be distracted at all. You must be calm and determined towards your goal . You should not sail away from your work if you are being condemned or appreciated or even if you are being harrassed . You have to stand your ground for you ideaology . Because at the end only you know what you are doing . You can not let others distract you or let other person set you of track ,if you let them do so then you have let yourself be unsuccessful.

2) Map : if you want to go to a place which you don't know the path for, what would you do ? It's obvious that you would take out a map which has been charted by people who have been there and start you journey towards it. In similar way , you do not know you way to success, but you know who have already been there . All you have to do is take a map i.e, talk to the expert and as them their way to the top. Talk to them about ups and downs , read their books which they have written . You will understand how much pain they had to go through to be the first to go to the top and provide that map or way to success for others to reach there.
             If you want to climb a mountain it is advisable to follow the path which is already been found . If you want to find a new path then the chances are you might get lost or you might die too. Remember, you aim is to be at top , no matter which path it is .
             If you are willing to take up the risk of being the first one then you have to make a rough map or sketch of your own , through your imagination. This will always make you think that you are on the right path .

3) Forgivin : You must be wondering how forgiveness is related to success. Trust me this plays a huge role in being successful. If someone has hurt you don't be angry on that person and don't seek revenge, instead forgive him . Because when you try to seek revenge then you get of the track of success and you may be mentally disturbed . Once you are angry you will naturally not be able to take best decisions. This will consume lots of time for you to come back on your track . Even if you do come back it'll be hard to catch up on what you had been doing . You'll have to start over and this will be a waste of previous work and also waste of such hard work . So , instead of that just walk it of and get back to doing what you love . Eventually the person who had hurt you will come to you to seek help by looking at your position in future . Don't say no , be humble , help him . He'll understand what wrong he had done in past . Just forgive and forget at the moment . You have nothing to lose .

4) Decision making : making decisions is sometimes very hard but if you don't take any decisions at right time then it's more dangerous . So, you need to take decisions and make them right instead of wasting time on taking right decisions . You need to make a quick research and list down all the alternatives and then select the best which is suitable for your success.

5) Persistent : There is no other word to replace the word Persistent . You need to be focused on what you do and should not rest untill it's achieved. This process might take lots of time but once you achieve it you will be satisfied. You need to keep moving up in your work and have to make sure you do not drop the work at all.  You'll have to be persuing higher rank and should not just be consistent. If you need to be successful then you need to grow up in life in which ever field you are in.

6) motivation : This is one of the most important factor that influences success. You need motivation to do anything in life . Motivation is the reason behind why you have to be successful, you find that reason , you find that purpose in your life or in what you are working on . Then you naturally start working on the with twice the energy , double the time and this will surely contribute for your success. Every one who were successful has a reason for their success. You can be self motivated or have some one motivate you in your work .

7) self-confidence : self confidence is the belief that no matter what comes , you will do it. To believe in oneself is most powerful gift of man. Ones you are self confident the rest will automatically come to you . When you are self confident you will make sure that no matter how hard the work is , you will get it done for sure . Being confident is good but being over confident is bad for you way up. It'll make you think that you can do it but in reality you fail to do so .

Success is an ocean filled with drops of failure. If you fail don't feel bad , think that you have found one way which will not take you to success. You must make sure you will not climb that ladder again . Now you need to start again without wasting any more time . Being successful and staying on that position takes lots of effort and hard work . It does not come to you over night . You must always be ready for failure , but must aim for success. I hope you enjoyed reading my article . Thank you and all the very best for your success....

How to have peace of mind in any situation.

Facing with stress , anxiety or depression? Don't worry ,it's is part of life jus like other feelings like happiness, sadness , joy etc. But some times peace of mind can be hard to find some times as we get stuck into some serious situations in life . There are times when you are scared and for no reason, some times you may feel sad and depressed and due to this you wouldn't want to do anything in life , this makes you feel that you are of no good . Don't worry because this will soon come to pass . These feeling may come to you due to many reasons like harmonic change , change in life style , change in thinking patterns and many other reason , but we are here for solutions and that's what got you here. That means you are not drowned completely yet. Some time people go into state where they lose their mental health and at that point of time it takes lot of hard work to come to normal state of mind and takes lots and lots of time . I've listed some of the ways where you can come back to your own self and in short span of time . Let's get started ...

1) Mind occupied : Many people fail to notice that if mind is not kept occupied then strange and negative thoughts keep accumulating which in time makes you feel fear or some negative emotions which eventually turn you into person who you are not . So, simply keep your mind occupied in what you like to do . If you like music then take up music classes and start learning . If you are interested in painting then join painting classes . This makes your mind to be indulged in what you like and it stops negative thinking and indirectly forces mind to focus and increase productivity in what you do . It doesn't matter much if you are not progressing all of a sudden , it'll take time . And in this process you'll be doing two things , i.e, deal with negative emotions and learn what you always wanted to . Remember , never keep you mind idol . 

2) Remake your past : sometimes people give up on their dreams or interests just because they have failed . And due to which they feel bad and don't do any other work . You must remember that failure is a stepping stone to success. If you are in this situation then my strong advice to you is that you go back and do what you had left long ago . Once you achieve success in that work , all you will be left is with happiness and joy . Don't worry about failure , it's just a parts of success .

3) Meditation : you can reflect you self on a still water , but water that's disturbed will not give a clear picture about yourself . Just like that , you need to be like still water , clear your mind and focus on your body at the moment and you'll start to be relaxed and calm . This is one of the most effective way and proven way of dealing with any emotions in life .
If you need any advice on this method then feel free to comment on the comment section and I'll provide you with the details required .

4) Surrender to nature : nature is a natural healer . If you are nature lover then the nature will surely help you out . Go to a lake , river , mountain or beach or any other nature place which is calm and where you love to be . Stay there alone for some time and relax , you will not realise the time passing  . It'll make you feel much better and this will sure give you a way out of your problem and help you deal with you emotions as well.

5) Talk your feeling : Talking to someone whom you trust will surely make you feel comfortable . You tell him exactly what you are feeling inside and what's bothering you. Remember that you are not trying to get a solution but you are trying to reduce the weight by sharing it with some one whom you trust . Sometime the person can give you exact solution and sometimes he might have just told to make you feel better , in any case you will be glad that you had him at that part of hard times in your life .

I've mentioned only few of the ways that can help you get out of stress or anxiety or depression. If these have not worked out or if you have any doubts regarding the matter or issue then feel free to contact me or comment in the comment section . I'll surely reach out to you . Have a happy and prosperous life .....!!!!!